ISSUE 148: Special Section

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Tag: cancer

Dr. Jones Speaks Again

KENTUCKY Our Commonwealth of Kentucky, as well as the rest of the nation, has under-gone an amazing amount of change and adversity due to COVID-19.

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Racing Against Time

NEW ALBANY It’s a common Hollywood story line. The detective races to find the clues to solve the mystery before the criminal kills the hostage.

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Seek and Destroy

LOUISVILLE Older sisters are supposed to torment their younger brothers. Maybe that is what Brian Mattingly, MD’s older sister intended when she used him as

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New Kid in (Bards)Town

BARDSTOWN It was a busy summer for Nicolas Burnett, MD. And that goes way beyond anything related to COVID-19. In June he completed his residency

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Power and Precision Equals Progress

LOUISVILLE Radiation oncology is a unique amalgamation of medicine and math, physics and physicians, technologies and therapies all coexisting and co-advancing. Despite all the complexities

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News – Aug 2020

SEND YOUR NEWS ITEMS TO MD-UPDATE > Nicolas Burnett, MD, Joins Cancer Care Center at Flaget Memorial Hospital BARDSTOWN Nicolas P. Burnett, MD, has

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Ultimate Continuity of Care

LOUISVILLE In early April 2020, when personal distancing and restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic were high, Sarah Todd, MD, had the painful privilege of helping

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