ISSUE 142, Special Section: Cancer Care

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Multi-Cancer Early Detection

LEXINGTON This year marks the 50th anniversary of President Nixon’s “War on Cancer.” By 2030, cancer is expected to overtake cardiovascular disease as the number

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Dr. Jones Speaks Again

KENTUCKY Our Commonwealth of Kentucky, as well as the rest of the nation, has under-gone an amazing amount of change and adversity due to COVID-19.

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Broad Scope of Practice

LOUISVILLE “Scope Junkie.” “Scope Monkey.” He’s heard them all, and he gets the joke, but Michael Krease, DO, wants to make sure that everyone understands

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Events – Nov 2019

Lexington Medical Society’s Annual Past Presidents Dinner LEXINGTON The annual Past-Presidents of the Lexington Medical Society dinner was October 8, 2019. Eleven past-presidents, wives and

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Unifying Force

LOUISVILLE From the first moment that Wayne Tuckson, MD, colorectal surgeon at KentuckyOne Health Colorectal Surgery Associates in Louisville, speaks, it is clear that he

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