ISSUE 142, Special Section: Cancer Care

Know A Good Doctor? We Do.

Author: Jim Kelsey

The More You Know

Michele Johnson, MD, stresses patient education at Women First of Louisville LOUISVILLE It’s easy to imagine a “wellwoman” visit with Michele Johnson, MD, an obstetrics

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Voice of Hope

Expertise offers hope to oral and throat cancer patients LOUISVILLE A common motivational phrase to drive someone to achieve a long-term goal is to “speak

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Dr. Fix It

Orthopedic surgeon Stephen P. Makk, MD, repairs the lifestyles of his patients LOUISVILLE A connection on a matchmaking app doesn’t always lead to marriage. A

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Infectious Enthusiasm

LOUISVILLE Mark Burns, MD, FACP, has a passion for infectious disease that could be called, well, contagious. It’s one that he shares for the betterment

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Stroke of Genius

LEXINGTON Trusting the science comes naturally to Nezar Falluji, MD, MPH. As an interventional cardiologist at CHI Saint Joseph Health – Cardiology in Lexington for

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Knowledge Is Power

LOUISVILLE To borrow from Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility. Another way to say that is, just because you have the ability to do

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Stick to the Plan

LOUISVILLE Many times in life we are advised to have a “Plan B” – an option in case Plan A fails. For David Sun, MD,

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Playing for the Home Team

LOUISVILLE Be it high school or college, homecoming is almost always held around a major school sporting event. There’s the big game, the reunion, the

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