ISSUE 143: Special Section

Know A Good Doctor? We Do.

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Generations of Care

LEXINGTON For some people, acute or chronic pain is a fact of life, but expert physicians and specialists can help manage pain with the right

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Stick to the Plan

LOUISVILLE Many times in life we are advised to have a “Plan B” – an option in case Plan A fails. For David Sun, MD,

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Playing for the Home Team

LOUISVILLE Be it high school or college, homecoming is almost always held around a major school sporting event. There’s the big game, the reunion, the

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The Argument Antidote

“There’s absolutely no hope for this relationship,” I thought to myself, with a sinking feeling. It was my first time observing my mentors, Drs. Hal

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Power and Precision Equals Progress

LOUISVILLE Radiation oncology is a unique amalgamation of medicine and math, physics and physicians, technologies and therapies all coexisting and co-advancing. Despite all the complexities

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Focus on Function First

LOUISVILLE Completing a 5K run is an admirable accomplishment for anyone. But, for someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), leaving her without

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