ISSUE 142, Special Section: Cancer Care

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Tag: neuroscience

Stick to the Plan

LOUISVILLE Many times in life we are advised to have a “Plan B” – an option in case Plan A fails. For David Sun, MD,

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Moving Parts and Minds

LOUISVILLE How did the son of an auto mechanic and a hairdresser wind up as a movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease specialist? In the case

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Paving the Road to Intervention

LOUISVILLE If you ask Alex Abou-Chebl, MD, interventional neurologist with Baptist Neuroscience Associates, part of Baptist Health Louisville, the secret to changing the status quo

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News – Jul 2014

Gibson joins Kentuckyone Health Medical Group LOUISVILLE Wayne Gibson, MD, has joined the KentuckyOne Health Medical Group. The cardiologist is practicing at KentuckyOne Health Cardiology

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Concussions: Myths vs. Facts

LOUISVILLE A strong left hook in the boxing ring. A bone-crushing tackle on the football field. A windshield-cracking automobile accident. These may be the types

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