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Issue 145 - Internal Systems

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Addiction Medicine, Infectious Disease, Wound Care, Cardiology/Lifestyle Medicine

Welcome to the Internal Systems issue of MD-Update

In this issue we cover a wide spectrum of topics: urology, addiction medicine, infectious disease, wound care, and community medicine. I invite you to read about your colleagues who are advancing care throughout Kentuckiana. Some of them are embarking on new aspects of their career; some are fulfilling a lifelong dream. Each of them has a story that I hope you will find interesting.

Match Day

There were big smiles on the faces of graduating medical students at the UK College of Medicine in Lexington and in Northern Kentucky on Match Day, March 24, 2023. Thanks to UK Public Relations we are able to bring you a few of those faces. Maybe you can remember how you felt on your Match Day. I believe that joy is contagious.

Dilemma or Problem?

Our MD-Update Mental Wellness columnist Dr. Jan Anderson reveals a strategy for identifying and dealing with a dilemma, versus fixing a problem. The bad news is we all have dilemmas; they are part of the human condition. The good news is, there are effective ways to deal with them. Dr. Jan explains how.

Speaking of dilemmas, our very wise financial columnist, Scott Neal, discusses bond pricing, yields, timing, allocation, and re-investing. If your dilemma is “Do I buy stocks, or bonds? Do I sell or hold?” take a few minutes to read Scott’s column, after you’ve read how to deal with a dilemma.

SB #150

A year ago, in June 2022 in MD-Update #140, the prescient Dr. Cameron Schaeffer predicted that legislators in Frankfort would insert themselves into the doctor- patient relationship of children with gender-dysphoria issues. Dr. Schaeffer was correct, and SB 150, which restricts a doctor’s care for their patients, was passed into law over Governor Beshear’s veto. I invite any physician who wants to share their views on a difficult subject to reach out to me.

Future topics

The MD-Update editorial calendar is on the preceding page. As always, I invite you to look for your specialty. When you find it, give me a call. I’d like to hear from you. I’m sure you have a good story or two to tell.

Until December, all the best,

Gil Dunn
Editor/Publisher MD-Update

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