ISSUE 144: Special Section

Know A Good Doctor? We Do.

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Md-Update News

SEND YOUR NEWS ITEMS TO MD-UPDATE > Lekshmi Seemanthini, MD, Joins CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Cardiology in London LONDON Lekshmi Seemanthini, MD,

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The Argument Antidote

“There’s absolutely no hope for this relationship,” I thought to myself, with a sinking feeling. It was my first time observing my mentors, Drs. Hal

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Racing Against Time

NEW ALBANY It’s a common Hollywood story line. The detective races to find the clues to solve the mystery before the criminal kills the hostage.

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Broad Scope of Practice

LOUISVILLE “Scope Junkie.” “Scope Monkey.” He’s heard them all, and he gets the joke, but Michael Krease, DO, wants to make sure that everyone understands

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It Starts with a Secret

It starts with a secret— a decision you make in the quiet recesses of your own mind. This decision will redefine your relationship and will

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