ISSUE 147: Special Section

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Tag: athlete

Trading Pigs for Pigskin

LOUISVILLE Locker rooms are seldom renowned for their pleasant odors, but then again, neither are pig pens. While one-time aspiring veterinarian Lonnie Douglas, MD, never

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His Big Break

LOUISVILLE Many people struggle for years trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. That’s not the case for Logan Mast,

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The Role of Sports Chiropractic

LEXINGTON Whether working with an Olympic elite athlete or a tee-ball toddler, sports medicine providers have a huge impact on the patient’s musculoskeletal system. An

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He Feels Your Pain

LONDON/RICHMOND, KY It’s important for any physician to be able to communicate expectations to their patients. In some cases, that’s easier than others. Few surgeons

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