Know A Good Doctor? We Do.

Author: Jennifer S. Newton

Reshaping Remission

NEW ALBANY, IND Say the word “leukemia,” and many people will immediately think of childhood cancer. But, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI)1, the

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That’s Not Normal

LOUISVILLE Given the sheer volume of commercials and advertisements for incontinence products on TV and in the media, it’s easy to assume the problem is

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Dispelling the Pain Clinic Myth

LOUISVILLE Unfortunately in the field of pain management, there are still many misconceptions among both patients and healthcare providers. But, that is slowly changing with

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From Cradle to Grave

LAGRANGE Across the country, and mirrored in the Bluegrass, we often hear about the shortage of primary care physicians. The fact is often followed by

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Continual Refinement

LOUISVILLE Perhaps you could call his approach tactical, as his military background might imply, or cerebral, as is the obvious neuro reference, but one thing

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