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The View from the Editor’s Desk

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Recently, I found myself on the other side of a doctor’s desk, but not with my tape recorder in hand. Instead, I was in a chair in a patient room. The doctor was one of the primary care sports medicine physicians from a recent issue of MD-Update and I was seeking a second opinion for my child. The experience reminded me how lucky I have been, to get to know you as physicians, to know what you do, to know what techniques and treatments are available in Kentucky, and to know where to turn when my family needs it. That’s the core of the MD-Update mission – to inform… to educate… to connect.

This issue is our Cancer Care issue, a subject that can be bittersweet. Historically, cancer treatments have been physically demanding, but survival is the prize. Today, quality of life is improving, as are outcomes and survival rates, giving us more new beginnings to celebrate. Read on in this issue to find out more about what lies ahead in cancer treatment.

A Fond Farewell

New beginnings are often bittersweet. That’s how I feel as I pen this, my final letter as editor of MD-Update. I have taken a new position and must say goodbye to MD-Update. It has been a joy to share your stories these past five years, and I will miss being a part of this amazing publication and making these stories come to life.

As for the magazine, I leave you in good hands. Donna Ison has agreed to take over as editor-in-chief. Having worked with us this year, Donna already has healthcare and publishing experience that make her a fantastic fit.

Donna is the former editor of skirt! Magazine Lexington and a freelance journalist who has written for several magazines, including Keeneland, Chevy Chaser, Southsider, Bluegrass Dog, and LinQ. She is a published poet and novelist, with her third manuscript near completion. In both 2016 and 2017, she won the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning’s Flash Fiction Contest. In addition, she produces community activist theatre, acts in local plays, and writes historical drama for museums nationwide.

Please help me in welcoming Donna!

I wish you all the best of luck as you continue on your own journeys. May each episode in your story bring you closer to those ultimate goals of health, healing, and happiness!

Until we meet again,Jennifer S. Newton

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