ISSUE 148: Special Section

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Tag: physical therapy

Dispelling the Pain Clinic Myth

LOUISVILLE Unfortunately in the field of pain management, there are still many misconceptions among both patients and healthcare providers. But, that is slowly changing with

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Taking Great Pains

LEXINGTON Regardless of the source, frequency, or intensity, one thing all pain sufferers can agree upon is they just want it to go away. “Pain

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One Stop Shop

NEW ALBANY, IN Young athletes deserve top-notch prevention and treatment interventions for sports-related injuries that can be provided by a multi-disciplinary team. Floyd Memorial Medical

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It Never Hurts to Care

DANVILLE When you’re dealing with chronic pain patients, the patients want treatment, of course. They want relief from the symptoms. And sometimes they just want

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News – Jan 2015

Two U of L Researchers Named Fellows of the NAI LOUISVILLE Two researchers at the University of Louisville (U of L) were named Fellows of

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Check Your Six

DANVILLE In military jargon, “watch my six” means “watch my back.” Certainly it’s a term that Robert Knetsche, MD, an orthopedic and spine surgeon, is

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LOUISVILLE/LAGRANGE/HILLVIEW The pages of MD-UPDATE often relate the challenges physician practices face in the wake of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but physician offices are

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