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Ephraim McDowell Physical Therapy

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DANVILLE As many as 80 percent of people will have some type of back or neck pain within their lifetime. Sometimes surgery is the only solution to the problem, followed by a regimen of physical therapy, but in many instances, physical therapy alone can return patients to a reduced or pain-free life. Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center’s Spine Physical Therapy team specializes in the care of patients with spine and neck pain.

Physical therapists work with patients to evaluate symptoms by taking a detailed history of pain and symptoms, assessing muscle strength, joint mobility, neurologic integrity, balance and coordination, flexibility, and specific movement patterns. Then, these skilled therapists build individualized treatment plans for each patient, with one-on-one care. Aside from a variety of pain control techniques, patients focus their physical therapy on stretching and strengthening tasks, along with other therapeutic treatment, to help align the spine and pelvis, decrease muscle tension, and nerve compression. Although Ephraim McDowell Spine Physical Therapy specializes in spine rehabilitation, patients receive care for sacroiliac joint pain, rib articulations, hip pain, headaches, chronic pain, and orthopedic joint problems.

Ephraim McDowell’s post-surgical physical therapy is often key to helping patients reach their maximum level of functionality following spine or orthopedic surgery. Through consistent, professionally guided physical manipulation of muscles and bones, combined with state-of-the-art facilities providing aquatic therapy, patient recovery is enhanced, often shortened, and the quality of life improved.

The physical therapists at Ephraim McDowell Spine Physical Therapy have been recognized for their knowledge as presenters at professional conferences, university instructors, and sought out by sports teams and athletes seeking to improve core stability and treatment of joint injuries.