ISSUE 142, Special Section: Cancer Care

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Tag: obesity

Healthy Numbers for Kentucky Children

FRANKFORT Today’s children are faced with many challenges that contribute to overweight and obesity. These include eating low amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, spending

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Teachable Moments

NEW ALBANY, IN Like all physicians, Matthew McCollough, MD, completed years of education and training before reaching his current position as gastroenterologist at Gastroenterology Health

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Close to His Heart

LEXINGTON You could say it was in his blood. With a mother who was a nurse, Avi Eres, MD, was exposed to the medical field

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Guidelines for a Healthy Diet

We’ve all been there. It’s a busy day at work, you didn’t have time to pack something before rushing out the door, your stomach is

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The Problem with Intimacy

“We’re not close.” That was the elegantly simple way a distressed mother tearfully described her relationships with her grown children. Although she had an active

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Forgotten No Longer

LONDON In a medical climate where specialized care is increasingly the norm, it might come as some surprise that there is no subspecialty for wound

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