Know A Good Doctor? We Do.

Author: Mac Stone

Preponderance of Evidence

GEORGETOWN Doctors and nurses know a lot. I imagine medical school to be a grueling, hazing onslaught of anatomy, physiology, endocrinology, with organic chemistry as

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Doing My Part

GEORGETOWN My ’84 Chevy pick-up truck and I had similar experiences of late. We both went to the shop for a good going over. The

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Listen to Your Momma

Mac Stone, Ann Bell Stone, and extended family operate Elmwood Stock Farm in Scott County, KY. Mac was the executive director of marketing for the

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It’s a Miracle Every Time

GEORGETOWN It’s a miracle every time a baby is born. I am fortunate to have witnessed, even participated in, hundreds of these momentous occasions. (The

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Farm-U-See versus Pharm-A-Cy

The correlation between diet and disease is undeniable. Where else would the obesity epidemic come from? Where else would the rise in diabetes and increase

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Common Wealth

GEORGETOWN A trend among organic produce farmers is to enter a contractual relationship with their customers known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Basically, the customer

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