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Officers Announced for Lexington Clinic’s 2024 Board of Directors

LEXINGTON At Lexington Clinic’s annual Board of Directors meeting, the following officers were elected to serve for the year: president – Michael T. Cecil, MD; vicepresident – Tharun Karthikeyan, MD; secretary – Robby K. Hutchinson, MD; treasurer – An-Yu Chen, MD.

Other members of the board include Brandon Devers, MD, Jamil Farooqui, MD, Kimberly Hudson, MD, Jordan Prendergast, MD, David Keilar, MD, Mr. Nick Rowe, and Mr. Paul Rooke.

“Lexington Clinic is committed to perfecting the patient experience. By using modern data analytics, best practice protocols, experience, and compassion, we aim to provide the highest quality care to the people of Central Kentucky,” said Cecil.

Lexington Clinic was founded in 1920 and is Central Kentucky’s oldest and largest group practice with 350+ providers in more than 30 different specialties, and over 25 locations, serving about 600,000 patients yearly throughout Central Kentucky.