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Day: November 1, 2019

Peace of Mind

BOWLING GREEN Sometimes, medical diagnosis is straightforward. An x-ray might clearly show a broken bone, an MRI will reveal soft tissue damage. But sometimes, diagnosis

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Going to Great Pains

LEXINGTON There’s a reason pain is a four-letter word. No one likes it and it sometimes makes us say, well, other four-letter words. Despite the

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Events – Nov 2019

Lexington Medical Society’s Annual Past Presidents Dinner LEXINGTON The annual Past-Presidents of the Lexington Medical Society dinner was October 8, 2019. Eleven past-presidents, wives and

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The Scarlet Letter of Addiction

LEXINGTON Kentucky’s opioid-related deaths have been increasing steadily, with few signs of slowing. Though largely ignored before the last decade, the facts have grown irrefutable:

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New Treatments Bring New Hope

LEXINGTON When people hear the word “psychiatrist,” many still conjure up the image of a patient reclining on a couch while a bespectacled gentleman smokes

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