ISSUE 148: Special Section

Know A Good Doctor? We Do.

Day: January 1, 2016

Healthy Beginnings

LEXINGTON A primary care physician is not just for sick visits. Primary care providers are an integral partner in the patient’s healthcare team – whether

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Performing Under Pressure

Do you believe that you perform better under pressure? Do you do your best creative thinking under a severe pressure deadline? Do you worry about

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A Different Kind of Plan

According to a recent poll, 41 percent of baby boomers who have a living parent are providing some sort of personal care, financial assistance, or

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The Struggle Is Real

LEXINGTON Genetics and lifestyle contribute to gradual weight gain leading to obesity, with the one commonality that it doesn’t happen overnight. But with weight loss

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A Gutsy Decision

LOUISVILLE The mindset of a surgeon is that surgery is going to fix the problem. So, it goes against the grain when a general surgeon

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News – Jan 2016

Bix Named Honorary Lecturer at University of Glasgow LEXINGTON Dr. Gregory Bix has been given honorary status in the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life

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