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As we inch towards the first green buds that signal the new life of spring, I think the anticipation and onset of spring provides an opportunity to reevaluate, redirect, and renew.

This issue, #91, continues MD-UPDATE’s examination of Lifestyle Re-habituation through the skilled eyes, words and work of Kentucky and Southern Indian physicians and providers. This time the focus is cardiovascular and pulmonary health. On the heels of heart month, there is good news on the treatment front. From new minimally invasive valve procedures in Louisville and Lexington to robotic surgery services in Owensboro and electrophysiology studies in New Albany, In., there are increasingly advanced treatments available in this region to give patients the opportunity to change their habits and live longer, healthier lives.

Preventive cardiology is a new frontier, and you’ll hear from two physicians who are making it their mission to help patients develop healthier lifestyles and prevent these adverse cardiac events from happening in the first place. Healthy eating is always central to these conversations, and in this issue you also can read what a Kentucky organic farmer has to say about the benefits of organically grown produce.

In the spirit of reevaluation and renewal, MD-UPDATE wants to hear from you. We want to know what you like about the magazine, what you want to see more of, and what you think we can improve. To that end, business reply cards are included in this magazine. Please take a minute to answer a couple of questions and share your thoughts with us. We do what we do for you, the physician reader, and your opinion is paramount to us.

As patient feedback fuels your process improvement, so too, does your feedback fuel ours. Please take the time to weigh in on how we can serve you better.

Jennifer S. Newton, Editor-in-Chief

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