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Welcome to Women’s Health, 2013

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We often read and hear that the woman is the guardian of the family’s healthcare system. There is a current advertising campaign from Baptist Health that makes a statement and asks the question of a woman with her child, “You’re taking care of her, but who’s taking care of you?”

In this issue of M.D. Update, our Woman’s Health issue, we profile Kentucky physicians and health care providers who have dedicated their professional careers to taking care of women and their families. We offer you the opportunity to meet and hear from multiple OB/GYN physicians, a family medicine practitioner, a urologist, midwives, a therapist, a nutritionist and an organic farmer.

We think each has a unique story and valuable insights to share.

Future Issues of M.D. Update

Please review the Editorial Calendar on page 31 and look for your specialty among future issues. To participate, give us a call (859) 309 0720, send a text to (859) 608 8454 or email

I look forward to hearing from you and telling your story.

All the Best,Gil Dunn Publisher,