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From the Desk of Jennifer S. Newton, Editor-in-Chief

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As the new Editor-in-Chief of M.D. UPDATE, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Kentucky healthcare community in a new capacity. With nearly 10 years of experience in healthcare media and marketing in Kentucky and southern Indiana, I hope that I am a familiar face to some of you. For those of you I haven’t yet met, I look forward to putting M.D. UPDATE to work for you.

As is evident in this issue, healthcare professionals are advocating every day for successful outcomes and improved access to topnotch care, utilizing innovative procedures and customized treatment plans. In this digital age, accurately and effectively communicating quality healthcare information can make a difference in the lives of patients, the practice of physicians, and the business of healthcare systems, which is why I believe M.D. UPDATE is the perfect platform to further our common goals.

As an independently owned media company, M.D. UPDATE, and its publishers Mentelle Media, LLC, strive to provide open, compelling, and positive healthcare media. For years, M.D. UPDATE has been building a community, encouraging discourse, and providing a forum to connect Doctors-to-Doctors and Business-to-Business. In 2012, we are launching a cross-platform, new media strategy to connect doctors and businesses with the informed healthcare consumer. In addition, our digital assets and Integrated Physician Marketing program provide comprehensive, multimedia marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Contact us today to see what M.D. UPDATE can do for you. The marketplace is ever-changing, and reform is on the horizon. Together we can lead the conversation and put Kentucky’s healthcare issues front and center.

Jennifer S. NewtonEditor-in-Chief