ISSUE 144: Special Section

Know A Good Doctor? We Do.

Scott Neal

Scott Neal, CPA, CFP, is the president of D. Scott Neal, Inc., a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm with offices in Lexington and Louisville. Reach him at or by calling 1.800.344.9098.


Life’s Black Swans

Who, better than you, knows the truth of the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” If only you could get

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Modern Financial Planning

Laurence Kotlikoff, PhD, professor of economics at Boston University, has asked a very important question. Are Americans saving too much? Of course, he also asked

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A Mindset Shift

One of my key questions to new clients focuses on what retirement really means. I have heard a wide variety of answers. All too often,

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Crisis and Cures

What exactly constitutes a personal financial crisis? Chief among those crises we have heard about is experiencing an event that consumes all readily available cash

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