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Issue 151 - Internal Systems

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Gastroenterology, Urology, Gastro-Oncology, and Psychiatry

Welcome to The Internal Systems Issue of MD-Update

It’s always a pleasure for me to meet and speak with the doctors we interview for stories in MD-Update, hearing their personal stories, their motivations, and what’s new in their specialty. It’s also enjoyable to reconnect with physicians whom we met years ago and who have started on a new path, such as our cover story in this issue, John Mullins, MD, founder of Marshall Lifestyle Medicine. I hope you enjoy reading about Dr. Mullins’ journey from the ER to lifestyle medicine. Other stories in this issue include Dr. Kristine Krueger from UofL Health sharing her story about her career focused on nutrition and food’s effect on health as a gastroenterologist. Dr. Michael Driscoll, Norton Cancer Institute, describes the “power of screening” for colorectal cancer. Dr. Brent Terrell talks about “coming home” to Mt. Sterling and his decision to bypass a possible career playing professional baseball to pursue medicine.

Prostate Screening for Kentuckiana Men

The American Association for Cancer Research says that prostate cancer is the “most common, non-skin cancer diagnosed in men and the second leading cause of cancer death in men after lung cancer.” Stephen Henry, MD, former Lt. Governor of Kentucky, and a prostate cancer survivor, established the Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition, KPCC, which provides free prostate screenings at the KY State Fair. We’ve included Dr. Henry’s telling of his story and his advocacy for prostate cancer screening on page 4. Dr. Henry took his personal healthcare challenge and turned it into his new passion for helping others.

Cybersecurity, Your Medical Practice, and Financial Forecasting

In this issue’s accounting column, Eric Riley and Gui Cozzi from Dean Dorton point out the devastating effects of a cybersecurity hack and ransomware attack on a national healthcare company. It is an alarming situation and one they suggest will continue to occur. Read more on page 8.

Our financial columnist Scott Neal talks about “Risk or Opportunity” in the stock market and treasury bonds. Scott says he “doesn’t have a crystal ball, but he does have a wind sock.” Daily financial news is most likely to be “noise,” says Scott. Look for underlying causal events as well as symptoms, much like in your medical practice. Scott’s full column is on page 9.

Eating Disorders. New Leadership at KPMA.

We welcomed a new contributor this issue, Dr. Zubi Suleman, UofL Health, and the new president of the Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association, KPMA. Dr. Suleman writes about the misconceptions and stigma surrounding eating disorders, the lack of awareness, and treatment options in Kentucky. Full story on page 20. MD-Update’s Dr. Jan Anderson gives a recap of the KPMA annual conference on pages 23-24.

A Couple of Fun Nights with the American Heart Association

We enjoyed attending the Kentuckiana and Central Kentucky Heart Balls put on by the Kentucky chapters of the American Heart Association. We have some great pictures of the events for you here, here, and here. It’s always fun to see our doctor friends outside of work.

The MD-Update editorial calendar is on the preceeding page. When you see your specialty, give me a call. I’d like to hear from you. I’m sure you have an interesting story to tell.

Until next issue, all the best,

Gil Dunn
Editor/Publisher MD-Update

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