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Issue 149 - "It's All In Your Head"

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Special Section
Pain, Depression, Brian Tumors, Myopia, and Migraine

Welcome to the "It's All in Your Head" issue of MD-Update!

Mental health is the newest challenge facing the world’s healthcare providers. Post COVID-19, the World Health Organization has added mental health to its list of Sustainable Development Goals, saying that depression is one of the leading causes of disability and that “people with severe mental health conditions die as much as two decades earlier due to preventable physical conditions.”

The October 10, 2023, issue of Time focused on the stressful and debilitating changes that American teenagers are living with: anxiety, depression, suicide, gun violence, social isolation, sexual violence, and cyber-bullying. Multiple studies show that young adults are manifesting more mental health problems than their peers did decades ago, brought on by a combination of COVID19 isolation, social media, political division in the world, and the ominous fear of climate change. With bad news just a “swipe” away, it’s no wonder teens are troubled.

Pain, Depression, Brain Tumors, Myopia, and Migraine

We have a wide selection of physician stories in this issue. Our cover story has a slightly different approach as we not only introduce you to two new interventional pain medicine specialists, but we also go behind the scenes to meet the leadership team of the five female top executives at Commonwealth Pain & Spine.

In our Special Section stories, neuro-oncologist Guneet Sarai, MD, reveals where her motivation comes from when she treats patients with brain tumors. Our friend Bruce Koffler, MD, shares his concerns and personal history dealing with myopia. The long-standing Pain Treatment Center of the Bluegrass is expanding. Dr. Brian Plato, Norton Neuroscience Institute neurologist and migraine specialist, addresses widely held misconceptions and new treatment options for migraine. Danesh Mazloomdoost, MD, and Wellward Medical continue to innovate with new uses of technology in his ongoing quest for integrated wellness.

Physician Wellness

You’ll find a discussion on physician suicide and physician wellness on page 24, written by psychiatrist Courtney Markham-Abedi, MD. I’m grateful to Dr. Markham for her contribution to MD-Update on a difficult topic and invite you to read what she has to say.

Errors and Omissions

We had some errors and typos in the Women First of Louisville story in MD-Update #148 that we need to correct. Women First started their mammography screening in 2006. The practice now has at least 20 all-female practitioners. Delaying a first pregnancy until after the age of 25 may be a risk factor. Dr. Rebecca Booth was honored as one of Today’s Women Most Admired in 2009. We regret the errors and apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the exemplary practices at Women First of Louisville.

Next year is already here and so is the 2024 MD-Update editorial calendar on the preceeding page. When you see your specialty, give me a call. I’m sure you have a good story to share.

Until December, all the best,

Gil Dunn
Editor/Publisher MD-Update

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