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Welcome to MD-Update, the Women and Children’s Health issue!

Remarkable advancements are being made every day in Kentucky in the treatment of diseases and illnesses that afflict Kentuckiana. We’re pleased to bring you updates on physicians employing cutting-edge surgical techniques, ancient therapies, community counseling, nurturing, and advanced diagnostics.

In our cover story on gynecologic oncologist Daniel S. Metzinger, MD, at U of L Hospital, he shows his passion for utilizing technology in his specialty for advancing care for thousands of women. Metzinger, an associate professor at U of L School of Medicine, is also dedicated to training a new generation of residents in gynecologic robotic surgery.

Kelly Padigas, MD, is an infertility specialist. Her work not only helps infertile couples conceive but also detects genetic disorders in embryos through screenings which can decrease the instance of implanting embryos with genetic markers for sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis.

Stress and dysfunctional home environments affect children and teenagers. Elizabeth Doll, MD, child neurologist for Norton Children’s Hospital and U of L Physicians, has seen positive results from acupuncture in her pediatric patients who come to her with migraine headaches brought on by stress or hormone changes. Mohammad Mian, MD, psychiatrist, incorporates his years of experience as a father with his medical training while diagnosing and treating troubled adolescents at Wellstone Regional Hospital.

Finally, Carol Brees, MD, admits she “has always loved OB/GYN as a specialty,” so it’s no surprise that the expectant mothers who attend her centering sessions at U of L Hospital say when they get together, “It’s like a big family.”

And there’s more.

Please take a look at the MD-Update editorial calendar on the inside back cover. Look for your specialty and contact me if you have a story you’d like to tell.

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