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Central Kentucky Now Boasts a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery

Mike Guiler, MD, of Saint Joseph East, employs robotic surgery to enhance precision on minimally invasive procedures.

LEXINGTON Central Kentucky can now count itself among the regions that can boast having a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery, thanks to Saint Joseph East, which is part of KentuckyOne Health. This designation is bestowed by the Surgical Review Corporation and is based on volume, outcomes, and the different types of procedures offered within a program.

One of the factors leading to this award is Saint Joseph East’s offering of the da Vinci Xi surgical system, the most advanced technology available for minimally invasive surgery. According to a recent KentuckyOne press release, “The da Vinci Xi Robot allows surgeons to perform the most complex and delicate gynecological, urological and general surgery procedures through very small incisions with unmatched precision. Using a console, surgeons control in real-time the equipment being used on the patient, offering surgeons precision and vision far beyond what their own hands and eyes could provide.” Along with Saint Joseph East, Saint Joseph Hospital also offers the da Vinci Xi surgical system.

In addition to providing a minimally invasive surgical option for patients facing an open procedure, robotic surgery, using the da Vinci technology, gives surgeons magnified and high-definition vision. Surgeons can see inside and outside the body, which allows them to control the surgical instruments with much smaller incisions.

“Robotic surgery helps our hospital offer patients the most advanced technology, leading to shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries and minimal scarring. At Saint Joseph East, we have dedicated staff with leading-edge technology skills that are specifically trained for robotic surgery. This technology is certainly an asset to our hospital, patients and the community,” says Mike Guiler, MD, of Saint Joseph East. Guiler, whose specialty is obstetrics and gynecology, is certified by the Fellow of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He completed his undergraduate studies, medical degree, and residency at the University of Kentucky.

According to the Surgical Review Corporation website, “The Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS) program was developed to recognize surgeons and facilities worldwide performing robotic procedures and achieving defined standards for patient safety and care quality. The COERS designation requirements were developed to address the present and future needs of patients and providers, and they are coupled with an objective evaluation process that enables a thorough review of each candidate.”

Saint Joseph East is the only hospital in our area to receive this distinction. “It is an honor to be the only hospital in the region to receive this designation from the Surgical Review Corporation, which further demonstrates our strength in robotic surgery,” concludes Guiler.