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Where Healthcare Is Working

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Welcome to the Women’s Health issue of MD-Update. I believe you’ll find several stories inside where healthcare in Kentucky is working as a result of female practitioners who have created successful practices on their own and by partnering with other female physicians and providers.

Our cover story on Women First of Louisville provides a look into the evolution of the large, longstanding OB/GYN group into a women’s health and wellness practice. Patient education directed at prevention and wellness with increased use of in-office procedures has made Women First a leader in the economies of their patient’s time and money.

Johana Archer, MD, OB/GYN, sole practitioner at Fertility First in Louisville, has a front row seat at the stage where couples need help in achieving pregnancy. Archer offers a variety of solutions for infertility, but most of all, when nature isn’t working, her advice is, “Don’t do nothing, get some help.”

Magdalene Karon, MD, OB/GYN, another sole practitioner, has discovered the benefits of using “Mother Nature’s best kept secret,” placental tissue and amniotic fluid. Read about Karon’s research and discoveries as she opens a new chapter on her long and vibrant career.

Finally, Kathleen Martin, MD, co-founder of her gastroenterology practice with partners Lori Haas, MD, and Susie Jennings-Conklin, MD, treats women and men suffering GI tract disease with a steady hand. Her unique, personal experience allows her to empathize with patients who live with fear and stress from a cancer diagnosis.

Women’s healthcare provided by women physicians in Kentucky. It’s medicine that works.

If you have a success story to tell, please contact us.

All the best,Gil Dunn, Publisher

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