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Welcome to Issue #100 of MD-Update

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It’s curious why we celebrate certain milestone events in our lives, so many based on particular numbers, like #10, #25, #50, and in our case #100. Why is that, and why do we celebrate or commemorate events at all?

For some insight, I asked our resident mental wellness columnist Dr. Jan Anderson for her thoughts. “It’s about rituals,” she said. “It’s in our emotional and cultural DNA to celebrate or remember transitioning life events.” She posits that since our American culture is still relatively young and so diverse, we don’t have as many rituals as other more long-standing cultures.

It seems to me that we celebrate milestones now with homebred American enthusiasm: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, sporting events, and business milestones.

Did you know that in 2015 Facebook celebrated a 10-year anniversary of being “Liked”? Nike celebrated 25 years of “Just Do it!” Starbucks celebrated 40 years of connection with customers and their coffee. Ford celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, and Motel 6 celebrated 50 years of “Leaving the light on for you.”

Trying to strike a balance between self-promotion and recognition of the milestone that MD-UPDATE has achieved, I offer that 100 issues, with 500+ stories, and interviews with thousands of physicians and healthcare providers is a worthy accomplishment to be proud of. We could not have done that without the readers, the supporters, the MD-UPDATE team, and, most importantly, the Kentucky doctors and healthcare providers who participate in each issue.

Thank you and here’s to another 100+.

All the Best,

Gil DunnPublisher, MD-UPDATE