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Aesthetic Integration

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LOUISVILLE Physician’s Center for Beauty is a medical spa and plastic surgery practice located in Louisville, Kentucky. Established in 2005 by a group of physician investors, the practice is located in St. Matthews in a 3,200-square foot retail space with easy access and parking.

The business is comprised of three parts that are well integrated. The clinical segment is comprised of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics. The skin care portion of the business encompasses diagnostic and consultation services as well as the sale of physician-directed skin care products. The spa piece of the business includes aesthetic services provided by three licensed aestheticians and massage performed by a licensed massage therapist. As a full-time plastic surgeon, I am present on-site performing all medical procedures myself and supervising all aspects of the business.

Plastic surgery is the core of our practice, and the office is where I see patients in consultation. Surgery is performed at an accredited ambulatory surgery center, off-site. My training includes a residency in head and neck surgery in which I was board certified prior to completing plastic and reconstructive surgery training. I also completed a fellowship in aesthetic and laser surgery in Maui, Hawaii prior to beginning clinical practice in Louisville. I have a strictly fee-for-service cosmetic practice and perform face and neck lifts, cosmetic eyelid and brow surgery, rhinoplasty, breast and body contouring, and liposuction.

Aesthetic medical services offered include injectable treatments such as Botox® and dermal fillers, laser treatments, and non-invasive body contouring. I perform all the injectable treatments myself. Laser procedures performed by myself include vein treatments, laser skin resurfacing and laser tattoo removal. Laser procedures that are delegated to aesthetic staff and overseen by me include intense pulsed light (IPL) for pigmentation and redness/rosacea, laser hair removal, and dermal genesis (skin tightening).

The aesthetic and skin care portion of the business is coordinated by a full-time skin care consultant, Marilyn Cannon, who serves as the “gatekeeper” of the practice. Under my supervision, she evaluates patients initially with a detailed history and focused dermatologic exam, makes product recommendations, and coordinates aesthetic, medical, and surgical treatments. The initial consultation includes a Visia® complexion analysis, which takes standardized photos of the face. It also quantifies several parameters of the skin including fine lines, pigmentation, texture quality, and pore size. This is then used to demonstrate the results of treatment recommendations made by the skin consultant. Recommendations may include prescription and non-prescription skin care products, laser treatments, aesthetic treatments such as chemical peels, Botox® or filler injections, or full-scale plastic surgery procedures.

We employ three full-time licensed aestheticians who are overseen by our practice manager. They spend the majority of their time performing medical spa services including facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and body treatments. Laser procedures that are performed by aestheticians are directly supervised by me, in accordance with Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure guidelines. Aestheticians also administer our non-invasive body contouring treatments including Exilis® and CoolSculpting®, again under my direct supervision.

The model of our practice is one that fully integrates plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, spa services, and skin care product sales. It works well because I am on-site full time to oversee all that we do. I perform all medical and surgical procedures myself, without delegating to a nurse, PA, or nurse practitioner. I think this adds value to our patients’ experience and provides a level of trust not available at many other medical spas. The location in a heavily trafficked retail center allows for a fair amount of walk-in business, while still maintaining privacy for our patients.