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The Future of Healthcare Media

Dear Readers,

Over the past several years, M.D. UPDATE has traveled the Commonwealth and spoken with thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals about the trends and technologies that shape the practice of medicine today. I must confess that I always leave these encounters inspired by the great accomplishments of Kentucky’s doctors and a renewal of purpose in our media and its power to affect the wellbeing of us all.

Over time, as we gathered your feedback about how we could strengthen our mission at M.D. UPDATE, Kentucky’s doctors told us repeatedly, resoundingly, that the biggest improvement we could make would be to get this magazine in the hands of Kentucky’s patients.

I confess. At first I thought I’d just print up a half million magazines and we’d call it mission accomplished. Fortunately, though, my deliberations led me on a different path.

Today, I write to you from the City University of New York (CUNY) where I am a fellow in the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. Here I am developing a new digital media platform designed to connect patients to doctors – INSIDE HEALTH – that will help patients to discover the many innovations in quality care pioneered right here by Kentucky physicians. Watch this space for future announcements as we progress toward our launch.

Now – let me encourage any Kentucky doctors who wants to be present when INSIDE HEALTH goes live to contact me right away! I have established a short invitation form which is available at NEWMEDIA.MD-UPDATE.COM.

Yours truly,Megan Campbell SmithCofounder M.D. UPDATE, Creative Director, Mentelle Media