ISSUE 145: Special Section

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Kentucky General Assembly Convenes for 30-Day Session

The 2023 regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly, which is known as the 30-day “short session,” convened on Tuesday, January 3. Part I of the session is scheduled to conclude on January 6. Lawmakers will return for Part II on February 7 and must adjourn on or before March 30. KMA has been active throughout the months leading up to the legislative session laying the groundwork for the Association’s 2023 Legislative Priorities. These include:

Prior Authorization Exemption: Prior authorization continues to negatively impact patients and providers by leading to delays in care, additional administrative burdens for physicians, and increased costs to the healthcare system. KMA supports legislation that establishes a prior authorization exemption program designed to automatically waive prior authorization requirements if a physician has historically been approved for a specific procedure/service most of the time.Physician Wellness: Many physicians and medical students are hesitant to seek counseling for career fatigue and other burnout-related issues for fear that they will have to disclose such information on licensure or credentialing applications. KMA supports legislation ensuring that when a physician seeks needed care through a wellness program, a record of a